Listen to Glykeria‘s haunting rendition of “To Minore Tis Avgis”, performed for the soundtrack of Eleftheromania.


Eleftheromania follows Auschwitz survivor Piroska (Olympia Dukakis) as she recites a true story from her harrowing past to journalist Simone (Anthoula Katsimatides).

Here are some photos from our final shoot, where we filmed the ‘present-day’ portion of Eleftheromania:



On January 27, 2014, Gregory C. Pappas wrote an article titled Freedom or Death … On Holocaust Remembrance Day. The article detailed a widely unknown but widely important tale of heroism and sacrifice. Two years of hard work and fervent collaboration later, Eleftheromania was born.

It started with the name. Gregory C. Pappas writes, “Eleftheromania…it’s a word first used in French literature during the time of their revolution, describing man’s innate desire to be free. Incidentally, it comes from two Greek words— eleftheros (free) and mania (desire or madness).”

Pappas delved headlong into the unsung story, sifting through the archives at Auschwitz-Birkenau, scaling the barracks where our 446 heroes once dwelt, and reading harrowing testimony after testimony of Greek and Hungarian prisoners in Auschwitz.

A transport list Pappas uncovered in the Auschwitz-Birkenau archives that includes the 446 prisoners from Corfu and Athens (see #49).

Where passion lives, passion follows. Soon Eleftheromania became a team of over 70 talented people including consummate actors, passionate extras, and a wonderful crew.

Directed by David Antoniuk, written and produced by Joanna Tsanis, and produced by Gregory C. Pappas and Chuck Scott, Eleftheromania will finish filming in April of 2017

to be shared with the world soon after.

davidantoniuk_eleftheromania.jpgDavid Antoniuk directs Ermina Pérez and Alex Kotsyk on set of Eleftheromania.

eleftheromania_makeup.JPGTalented hair/makeup team Julia Karmasin (Key), Ro Ford, Macarena Colin Bertan, Ziving Zhao, and Sarah Mancini.

crew_Eleftheromania_film.jpgGermain Collinge (AD), Chuck Scott (Producer), Trevor Ketcheson and Blue Bigwood-Malin (Cast), David Antoniuk (Director), and Joanna Tsanis (Producer/Writer).